Italy: Must-Visit Cities

Italy is filled with places that portray both beauty and historical significance. Here in this article, we have looked at some of the best cities and places you should visit.

1. Florence

Florence should definitely be on your list if you’re planning on visiting the European country. The city is both an architectural and a historical marvel. But if you’re wondering if the city is just going to be that, and all you will be doing is going on tours, think again. The city has embraced its roots but has firmly moved forward and is said to be among the most happening places in the country. The city has a vibrant nightlife and is filled with shops with both traditional and funky things to buy. Florence is the true embodiment of culture meets fun. Thankfully we have HI, professionals in removals to France, to take care of the transportation needs of the tourists.

2. Venice

There is something about Venice that a lot of places around the world lack. The city is truly romantic in culture and history. Venice is a much cosier option than Florence as it is filled with places that are great but away from the hustle of the crowd. Every street corner has either got great restaurants or has got wine bars to enjoy a quiet evening. The city is literally built on water and is said to be both a modern architectural marvel and a city that has embraced contemporary art. Venice has a number of great locations to visit as well as great monuments, churches and museums to enthral oneself in rich Italian history.

3. Rome

Rome is probably the most popular city when it comes to Italy. Rome is more than just a city; it is an experience like no other. Most locals will tell you that experiencing Rome is like being a part of an immersive theatre experience. The city is filled with classic renaissance architecture as well as many architectural marvels. The city is also home to two footballing powerhouses, and the culture is sown into the heart of the city. The best part about the city is the climate that it offers. The climate is similar to what is experienced in North America during the seasons of spring; a cool Mediterranean climate is present around the year. Like Venice, the city is filled with funky shops that have the quirkiest of things that one would like to buy as a souvenir. The nightlife scene is growing in Rome, but the one thing you have to check out is the local food scene.

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