Italy: Facts, Culture and Tradition

Italy is a beautiful country located in Europe, and according to statistics it is the 23rd largest country based on population; there are about 62 million people living in Italy as of 2017. The country is quite different from other European and western nations as it promotes extended families. The Italians cherish their family, and their families are deeply rooted in their tradition; the country shuns nuclear families and has get-togethers quite often. The country’s main language is Italian, and it is spoken by around 96% of the population. Besides their official language, people of Italy are also known to speak other European languages such as German, French and Corsican. Contrary to popular belief, the language is quite different in different regions of Italy; with reports stating that there are dozens of dialects that people use.

With regard to religion, Italy is prominently Roman Catholics. There is no surprise why though; Vatican city is situated in Rome, and the Roman Catholic population combined with Christians account for about 80% of the population. With Italy opening its doors to immigrants, there has been a growth in population in the Muslim community; the Muslim community along with the community of atheist makeup rest of the 20%. It is to be noted that among the 80%, only around one-third of the 80% are practicing religion.

There are two things that standout about Italy throughout the world; firstly, it is the splendid architecture and the second most popular thing about Italy is the food. Italian architecture is known for its artistic brilliance as well as its historical significance. Italian cuisine is found all over the world with people enjoying the explosion and complexity of flavours. The cuisine has truly grown and adapted to the modern world; although most Italians still prefer classic cuisine, there has been a number of innovations that have propelled and placed Italian cuisine among the best cuisines in the world. When we mention Italian cuisine, we need to mention the acres of vineyards present in the country. Italy is said to some of the finest wine found in the world.

We can go on and on about the usual facts about Italy, but we found a crazy fact about the country. There is a region in Italy where the people have a genetic anomaly that prevents them from getting strokes and heart disease; the Italians are known to smoke and enjoy their alcohol, this genetic modification has enabled them to live normal lives even with their overindulgence of tobacco and alcohol.

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